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<p>'''Publications available:''' None</p>   
<p>'''Publications available:''' None</p>   
<p>'''See also:''' '''Medical Board (of California)'''</p>     
<p>'''See also:''' [[Medical Board (of California)|Medical Board (of California)]]</p>     
<p>'''Other referrals:''' None</p><br>       
<p>'''Other referrals:''' None</p><br>       

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An ophthalmologists is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in surgery and treatment of the eyes. Ophthalmologist, are trained to perform surgery of the eyes, perform eye exams, prepare prescriptions for eye glasses or contact lenses, etc.

Department of Consumer Affairs
Medical Board of California
1426 Howe Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 263-2635 (license information)
(800) 633-2322 (complaints)

Publications available: None

See also: Medical Board (of California)

Other referrals: None

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