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All debt collection regulations in California were sunset (shut down) in 1992. There is currently no state agency that accepts consumer complaints and mediates/investigates individual complaints.

The best recourse today is for consumers to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Attorney General’s office. They don’t act on individual consumer complaints but do look at trends and file large cases. Consumers should also contact their local Beter Business Bureau or District Attorney’s office, as some of them have mediation programs.

Basic debt collection information for consumers:

1. If a consumer owes money, they can contact the company and try to work out a payment plan.

2. Don’t ignore letters and communications.

3. Seek self-help resources as soon as possible and avoid further damage to their credit rating.

4. Report illegal threats.

5. To stop debtors from harassing calls/communications consumers can send them a “cease and desist” demand letter, which requires that debt collector to stop their communications, or to communicate with their attorney if they have one.

Here are some helpful websites with more information:

Federal Trade Commission sites:

Golden Gate BBB

Public Good Law Center

DCA LA County

Attorney General’s Office

BBB Southland

California and Nevada Credit Union League

Consumer Action www.consumer



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