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The Consumer Information Center (CIC) within the Program and Consumer Services Division (PCSD) of the California Department of Consumer Affairs serves as the first point of contact for consumers with concerns or questions on a wide variety of consumer issues. Staff also refers callers to other agencies on issues not related to Consumer Affairs' jurisdiction, so consumers may find assistance in resolving individual marketplace problems.

CIC is the first point of contact with individual licensees, registrants, and the public for the following:

Staff are responsible for answering questions and assisting with problems for license status checks, verification of licenses, and commonly asked questions for all the programs listed above.

CIC maintains Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD) equipment and a toll-free California TDD number for the hearing impaired. In addition, to assist speakers of languages other than English, the Center accesses the AT&T Language Line which has operator interpreters for 140 languages.

Phone Agents can:

Assist and educate consumers in methods available for resolution of concerns (questions or complaints); refer consumer to appropriate agency for assistance or information.

Phone Agents cannot:

Give legal advice or initiate legal action; recommend a business or product; give business reputation information.

Department of Consumer Affairs
Consumer Information Center
1625 N. Market Blvd. Suite N112
Sacramento, CA 95834
(800) 952-5210
(800) 326-2297 TDD

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