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By Federal Law, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires care labels on all clothing except garments made primarily of suede or leather, footwear, gloves, hats or other items for the head or hands. Care labels are not required for household items, such as linens.

If a consumer follows care label instructions and the garment is damaged, he/she should return it to the store. If the store will not cooperate to resolve the problem, write to the manufacturer.

Although the FTC cannot resolve a consumer's individual problem, the information a consumer supplies on garments may reveal a pattern or practice requiring action by the Commission, such as inaccurate or missing labels. The FTC wants to hear from consumers if garments have no care label attached (provide the name and address of the store and the manufacturer). The consumer may be contacted if the FTC decides to investigate.

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Federal Trade Commission
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Mailing address:
Federal Trade Commission
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Federal Trade Commission
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