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| '''Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing'''
| '''Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing'''
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The California Division of Boating and Waterways requires that all brokers and sales people be licensed by the department. Licensing requires knowledge of the Harbors and Navigation Code and Administrative Code used in the regulation and licensing of Yacht and Ship Brokers. Consumers must register yachts with this department.

For information regarding rules and regulations for safety equipment contact the United States Coast Guard.

Division of Boating and Waterways

Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing

DBW licenses and regulates yacht brokers and salespersons in California. Those selling used vessels 16’ or longer and less than 300 gross tons, for others, are required to be licensed. DBW enforces the Harbors & Navigation Code to regulate the activities of licensees to ensure compliance and provide consumer protection.

If you are not a licensed California Broker/Salesperson, you CAN NOT legally sell or advertise boats physically located in State of California.

For information regarding the licensing of yacht brokers, contact:

Monique Cabral (Monique.Cabral@parks.ca.gov) - (916) 327-1847

For information regarding the licensing of salespersons, contact:

Fahim Buksh (Fahim.Buksh@parks.ca.gov) - (916) 327-1838

For information regarding regulation and enforcement, to report unlicensed activity or to file a complaint concerning a licensed broker or salesperson, contact:

Investigator - Marinda Isley (Marinda.Isley@parks.ca.gov) - (916) 327-1839

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