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Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program Certification

All small businesses that are interested in submitting an offer on a solicitation that has been set aside for WOSBs under the WOSB Program must complete this certification prior to submitting the offer. This includes checking all of the boxes and having an authorized officer of the WOSB sign and date the certification. Once the certification is complete, you must upload it to the WOSB Program Repository (go to www.sba.gov/wosb) along with all other required documents.


The U.S. Small Business Administration provides business (start-up) counseling, publications, various forms of financial assistance, counseling, training, services and local assistance for minorities, veterans, women business ownership, and procurement assistance.

US Small Business Administration
409 3rd Street SW
Washington, DC 20416
(800) 827-5722
(202) 481-6190 Fax

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