Water Treatment Devices (False Or Misleading Advertising)

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735-Other State Agencies


California Business and Professional Code Section 17577 et. seq. makes it unlawful for any person to disseminate a false advertisement about a water treatment device for the purpose of inducing the purchase, rental, or lease of the device. The law also lists a variety of acts as unlawful as they relate to the sale, rental, lease, or order for a water treatment device.

The California Department of Public Health has jurisdiction for approving water treatment devices sold in California which promote health benefits. If the product does not operate correctly or parts malfunction, the consumer must contact the manufacturer of the product, something that would occur when a manufactured item does not perform as desired. This type of problem or complaint is not under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Health Services.

Health Services has jurisdiction for fraudulent claims for water treatment devices and must approve any water treatment device whose promoters claim to promote health benefits or remove "harmful heavy metals" from water.

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