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1001 I Street, 15th floor<br>
1001 I Street, 15th floor<br>
Sacramento, CA 95814<br>
Sacramento, CA 95814<br>
(916) 341-5254<br>
(916) 341-5252<br>
PO Box 100<br>
PO Box 100<br>
Sacramento, CA 95812-0100<br>
Sacramento, CA 95812-0100<br>

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The Water Resources Control Board is a division of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is not within the California Department of Water Resources. The Board takes complaints about environmental pollution, waste water treatment, and water rights.

Working with the Board are nine Regional Water Quality Boards which implement programs and policies to ensure pollution prevention, cleanup and containment. The Board's programs and policies are designed to protect all beneficial uses of California's water, including domestic, municipal, agricultural and industrial supply, power generation, recreation, aesthetic enjoyment, navigation, and preservation and enhancement of fish and wildlife.

The Board has primary responsibility for maintaining water quality in the state; has monitoring programs and regulatory oversight for the State's surface, ground, and coastal waters. The Board also oversees the federal National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Program for California.

Water Resources Control Board
Division of Water Quality
1001 I Street, 15th floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 341-5254
(916) 341-5252
PO Box 100
Sacramento, CA 95812-0100

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