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600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW<br>
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW<br>
Washington, DC 20580<br>
Washington, DC 20580<br>
Telephone: (202) 326-2222<br>
'''Mailing Address:'''<br>
Federal Trade Commission<br>
P O BOX<br>
Washington, DC 20580<br>
(877) 382-4357<br>
[http://www.ftc.gov '''www.ftc.gov''']<br>
'''See Also:'''<br>
[[Automobile (Warranty Sticker)|Automobile (Warranty Sticker)]]<br>
[[Better Business Bureau|Better Business Bureau]]<br>
[[Consumer Protection Agencies|Consumer Protection Agencies]]<br>
Song-Beverly regulations in [http://www.bearhfti.ca.gov/ '''Electronic Appliance Repair Program''']<br>

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Consumer Warranty Protection (Civil Code Section 1975.4) defines the term "consumer goods" to also include any new product or part thereof that is purchased or leased for use primarily for personal, family, or household purposes, except for clothing and consumable goods.

The US Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center will investigate a problem based on numerous consumer complaints but will not intervene on the behalf of an individual consumer.

US Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20580
Telephone: (202) 326-2222

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