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735-Other State Agencies


The warranty of automotive tires falls within the jurisdiction of the California Bureau of Automotive Repair when installed by an Automotive Repair Dealer. An Automotive Repair Dealer (automotive repair facility) is required by law to be registered with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.

If someone other than an Automotive Repair Dealer sells in California and installs the tires, a consumer's recourse would be resolved through the civil process. The Song-Beverly Act, part of the California Civil Code, covers consumer warranties and does apply to automotive tires.

Warranties have limitations concerning the customer's abuse of tires (under-inflation, over inflation, misalignment, etc.). Any changes or special additions made to warranties can be made only if the customer is informed before a purchase is final.

Publications available: Complaint Form Packet [General Repairs], Complaint Form Packet [General Repairs - Spanish]

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