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Under Chapter 4, Section 346 of the Penal Code, individuals who sell tickets to art, sports and entertainment events must:
*Have a permanent business address
*Maintain a record of ticket purchases and sales
*Disclose seat locations to the purchaser prior to the sale
*Refund advance-sale ticket purchases any time prior to the availability of the Ticket and fully refund the ticket price when an event is canceled or rescheduled
*Disclose any service charge imposed by a ticket seller
*Be licensed by a local governmental agency
*Disclose the price charged for the ticket when it is offered as part of a tour or Event package
'''Ticket Scalping:'''
California Penal Code, Chapter 4, Section 483 addresses ticket scalping, stating that "...any person, firm, corporation, partnership, or association that shall sell to another any ticket, pass, scrip, mileage or commutation book, coupon, or other instrument for passage on a common carrier...must entitle the person buying the ticket to the same terms of the book or portion thereof from which it was detached...."
'''California Department of Justice'''
'''California Department of Justice'''

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