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676-Telephone Medical Advice

Telephone Medical Advice Bureau

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Any business that provides medical advice by telephone to California residents must register with Department of Consumer Affairs, Telephone Medical Advice Bureau. This includes businesses located inside and outside the state of California. (Those individuals who offer these services incidental to their primary practice are not required to register. For example, a physician's office staff that occasionally follows up a patient's office visit with a telephone call.) California Business & Professions Code, Chapter 15, Sections 4999-4999.9 are the laws that guide TMAS.

Department of Consumer Affairs
Telephone Medical Advice Bureau
1625 N. Market Blvd., Suite N-112
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 574-7992
(916) 574-8645
Email - TMAS@dca.ca.gov

To file a complaint about a provider of telephone medical advice, a complaint form (available on the TMAS web page) should be completed and returned to the Department of Consumer Affairs. The Department will forward a copy of the complaint to the healing arts board that licensed the professional. The Department will attempt to mediate or investigate the complaint and will notify the complainant periodically throughout the process. Depending on the severity of the complaint it can be handled several ways: a business entity may offer restitution that is acceptable to both parties; a business entity may be cited and fined for wrongdoing; and/or a business entity's license may be formally disciplined.

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