Shipping (By Boat)

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Shipping (By Boat)

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The Federal Maritime Commission investigates complaints that are discriminatory, unfair or unreasonable rates, charges, classifications, practices of ocean common carriers, terminal and freight forwarders operating in foreign commerce in the United States.

They regulate rates, charges, classifications, rules and regulations contained in tariffs of carriers controlled by foreign governments and operating in United States trades.

Federal Maritime Commission
Office of Informal Inquiries and Complaints
800 North Capitol Street, North West Room 1052
Washington, D.C. 20275-0001
(202) 523-5807
(202) 523-0014 Fax

Any questions on taxes that were charged for shipping and handling:

Board of Equalization (BOE)
Audit Evaluation and Planning Section
450 North N Street, MIC 40
Sacramento, CA 94279-0040
(800) 500-7115


US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration
(415) 705-2300

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