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The California Secretary of State is the state's chief elections officer. The office commissions notaries public, charters corporations, oversees state archives, and files documents ranging from statutes governing Uniform Commercial Code, financing statements, and tax lien information to campaign and lobbyist disclosure information. The California Secretary of State also serves as an ex-officio member of the California State World Trade Commission and appoints one of the five members of the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Complaint jurisdiction includes:

Auctioneer/Auction Company, Credit Service Organizations, Dance Studios, Discount Buying Organizations, Employment Agencies, Employment Counseling, Immigration Consultants, Invention Developer, Job Listing, Nurses' Registries, use of trademarks, use of service marks, names and insignia of organizations, notary public services, and use of the state seal.

Complaints outside jurisdiction:

Complaints about the activities of corporations, the activities of travel promoters, or bail bondsmen.

The Secretary of State provides the following information and services.

  • Domestic corporations--the legal status of the corporation, its incorporation date, whether the corporation is a profit or nonprofit business, the agent for service of process, and the chief executive officer's name and address
  • Availability of corporate names
  • Reservation of names for proposed businesses
  • Election laws and procedures
  • Campaign and lobbying activity
  • Limited partnerships or applications for registration of limited partnerships
  • Notary Public services
  • Questions about the use of the state seal
  • Filings for the following:
    • Service marks, including complaints about their use
    • Trademarks, including complaints about their use
    • Claims to names and insignia of organizations
    • Individual name-change court orders
    • Dance studios
    • Discount buyers
    • Invention developers
    • Seller-assisted marketing plans
    • Substituted service of process
    • International wills
  • Filings for security interests in certain personal property used as collateral for loans
  • Information on federal tax liens against partnerships and corporations
  • Information on state tax liens against personal property

California Secretary of State
1500 11th Street, 6th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-6814

Legislative and Constituent Services:
(916) 653-6774

California Secretary of State
Corporate Filings and Records Section
1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Corporate Legal Review and filing:
(916) 657-5448

Certificate of Qualification:
(916) 657-5448

California Secretary of State
Elections and Political Reform Divisions
1500 11th Street, 6th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 657-2166

Political Reform:
(916) 653-6224

Campaign Disclosure Filing:
(916) 653-8573

Election Information:
(916) 657-2166

Election Fraud:
(916) 657-2166

Lobbyist Registration and Filing:
(916) 653-9174

California Secretary of State
Notary Public Section
1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-3595

Notary packets:
(916) 263-3520

Information and Records:
(916) 653-3595

(916) 653-3595

California Secretary of State
Limited Partnership Section
1500 11th Street, Room 345
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-4984

Domestic Partnership:
(916) 653-4984

Limited Partnerships Program:
(916) 653-3365

Limited Liability Company:
(916) 653-3795

Special Filings:
(916) 653-4984

Information and Records:
(916) 653-3365

Trademark and Service Mark Registration:
(916) 653-4984

California Secretary of State
Uniform Commercial Code Section
1500 11th Street, Suite 255
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-3516

California Secretary of State
State Archives
1020 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-7715

Reference information:
(916) 653-2246

Branch offices provide corporate and limited services relating to Uniform Commercial Code, notary public, elections, and political reform

California Secretary of State
Fresno Branch Office
2497 W Shaw Avenue, Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 243-2100

California Secretary of State
San Diego Branch Office
1350 Front Street, Suite 2060
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 525-4113

California Secretary of State
San Francisco Branch Office
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 7300
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 557-7047

California Secretary of State
Los Angeles Branch Office
300 South Spring Street, Suite 12513
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 897-3062

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