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735-Other State Agencies


The California Department of Business Oversight administers and enforces the Savings and Loan Association Law and the regulations of the Savings and Loan commissioner.

Complaint jurisdiction:

Errors in computing interest on savings deposits and loans; errors in computing impounds for taxes and insurance; errors in computing late charters on loan payments; improper foreclosures on real estate loans; failure to meet loan commitments; noncompliance with the terms of a contract or loan agreement; discrimination in lending hiring.

Complaints outside jurisdiction:

Savings and loan institutions that are not state chartered (if an association has the word "Federal" in its name, it is not state chartered). Complaints involving a federally chartered savings and loan association should be sent to:

Office of Thrift Supervision Click Here For Contact Information

California Department of Business Oversight

Consumer Information Desk

1810 13th Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(800) 622-0620

(916) 323-0189

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