Satellite Dish Installation/Repair

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Satellite dish installation and repair may require two types of licensing if the individual is permanently installing and repairing satellite dishes.

Permanent installation of satellite dish requires a contractor's license Class C-7 with the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

Contractors State License Board 9821 Business Park Drive Sacramento, CA 95827 (800) 321-2752

License is not required if the person is registered with the Bureau of Home Goods and Services (BHGS)and only installs satellite antenna systems on residential structures or property.

BHGS 4244 South Market Court, Suite D Sacramento, California 95834-1243 (916) 999-2041 (916) 921-7279 E-mail:

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send all applications and fees to BHGS mailing address:

BHGS - Licensing

P.O. Box 980578

West Sacramento, CA 95798-0578