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'''Radiologic Health Branch'''<br>     
'''Radiologic Health Branch'''<br>     
1500 Capitol Avenue<br>
1500 Capitol Avenue<br>
Sacramento 95814<br>
Sacramento, CA 95814<br>
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Sacramento, CA 95899-7414<br>
Sacramento, CA 95899-7414<br>
(916) 327-5106<br>
(916) 327-5106<br>
PO Box 997414<br>
[http://www.dhs.ca.gov/rhb '''www.dhs.ca.gov''']<br>
[http://www.dhs.ca.gov/rhb '''www.dhs.ca.gov''']<br>

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The Radiologic Health Branch is within the Food, Drug, and Radiation Safety Division of the Department of Health Services. The Branch enforces the Radiation Control Laws and Regulations designed to protect the public, radiation workers, and the environment. It is responsible for providing public health functions associated with administering a radiation control program. This includes licensing of radioactive materials, registration of X-ray- producing machines, certification of X-ray and radioactive material users, inspection of facilities using radiation, investigation of radiation incidents, and surveillance of radioactive contamination in the environment.

Department of Health Services
Radiologic Health Branch
1500 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95814

Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610
PO Box 997414
Sacramento, CA 95899-7414
(916) 327-5106

Certifies the following X-ray and radioactive material users:

  • Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist Certificate
  • Mammographic Radiologic Technologist Certificate
  • Therapeutic Radiologic Technologist Certificate
  • Fluoroscopy Radiologic Technologist Permit
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist Certificate
  • X-ray Supervisor and Operator
  • X-ray Technician Limited Permit

Publications available: None

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