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The Department of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Information Center (CIC), has received complaint calls about plastic piping constructed of polybutylene. A class action lawsuit is pending at the federal court level to address problems associated with these plastic pipes. Consumers should contact the Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center, an organization that takes calls relating to the class action lawsuit.

Criteria for current claims filed with the "Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center" are:

Interior Pipes that are:

  • In homes built between 1978 and 1992
  • Pipes that are gray or black (not including copper, galvanized or polyvinyl chloride (PVC, etc.)

Exterior Pipes that are:

  • In homes built in 1978 and 1992
  • Pipes that are blue (not including copper, galvanized, polyvinyl chloride (PVC, etc.)

The Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center administration facility for polybutylene plumbing claims, assists in determining whether a consumer has polybutylene plumbing pipes, provides information about problems related to current leaks in outside water lines, explains how to file a new claim and provides the status of claim eligibility forms, and existing claims.

Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center

PO Box 869006

Plano, Texas 75086

(800) 356-3496

500 North Central Expressway # 107 Plano, TX 75074