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Regulations related to plastic bags are addressed in Business and Professions Code (B&P) Section 22200.
No bag made of plastic material of an average gauge thinner than 0.0001 inch, which is large enough to fit over a child's head, shall be used by any business establishment as a container for products delivered to purchasers. The same may not be use by any other business establishment to package articles delivered to customers or other persons doing business with the establishment. They may not be directly sold, delivered or given to any business establishment located in the State of California by any manufacturer, supplier, or distributor.
Exceptions are such bags that have a warning either printed upon such bag, or upon a gummed label which is securely attached to such bag, in clear legible type the following: '''"CAUTION - KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL CHILDREN, THE THIN FILM MAY CLING TO NOSE AND MOUTH AND PREVENT BREATHING"''', or a similar warning that the bag is dangerous to small children. This does not apply to those plastic bags that are used exclusively for industrial purposes.

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Incorrect use of plastic bags resulting in injury may be directed to the local district attorney.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission takes consumer reports about unsafe products and provides recorded information about product recalls and product safety.

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