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Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood for samples and is also referred to as venipuncture. Phlebotomists must be certified with the California Department of Public Health.

Effective April 9, 2003, all persons performing phlebotomy who are not California licensed physicians, nurses or clinical lab scientists or other licensed professionals where phlebotomy is not in their scope of practice, must be certified as a phlebotomist before they can draw blood.

Persons who were certified prior to April 9, 2003 (“old certification”) and who were employed as phlebotomists as of that date can continue to work until December 31, 2006 provided their application for State certification was submitted to LFS by July1, 2006. Sometimes this is called “grand fathering”. All other persons must have the new certification in order to work as phlebotomists.

There are three types of certification:

  • Limited phlebotomy technician is authorized to do skin puncture blood collection only.
  • Certified phlebotomy technician I, is authorized to do venipuncture and skin punctures,
  • Certified phlebotomy technician II is authorized to do venipuncture, arterial puncture and skin punctures.

Department of Public Health
Laboratory Field Services
(510) 620-3800

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