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Individuals interested in donating their organs, corneas and/or tissue upon death can do so by registering with the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue Donor Registry. An individual’s registration serves as a document of gift as outlined in the California Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. A document of gift ensures a person’s desire to share their life-saving organs and tissue will be honored. That gift, not revoked by the donor before death, is irreversible and does not require the consent of any other person. It also authorizes any examination necessary to ensure the medical acceptability of the anatomical gift.

To register as an organ, eye and tissue donor in California, an individual can check “YES!” on their driver license or ID application or renewal form with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Individuals can also register online at

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
4700 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 657-7669

Other resources:

Donate Life California

California Transplant Donor Network
1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 600
Oakland, CA 94612
(888) 570-9400

Golden State Donor Services
1760 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 567-1600

Attn: Linda Ford
3465 Camino del Rio South, Suite 410
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 521-1983

Attn: Bryan Stewart
2200 West Third Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 401-0147

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