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705-Attorney General


Civil Code Sections 1789-1789.8

"Electronic commercial service", (E-Commerce), also referred to as "On-line Service", means an electronic shopping system to conduct the purchase of goods and services via a telecommunication network.

The definition excludes conventional voice-only telephone service, one-way television, or radio-broadcasting, an electronic funds transfer system, or a service provided through an electronic terminal located at a place of business where the sale of those goods or services otherwise occurs. [CC § 1789.2(a)]

The statute does not impair rights and obligations of a credit cardholder and a card issuer with respect to the use of a credit card for the purchase of goods or services conducted through an electronic commercial service. [CC § 1789.7(b)]

"Provider of service" means a person who contracts with consumers to provide an electronic commercial service. [CC § 1789.7(c)]

"Goods and services" include tangible items or physical services, or tickets or vouchers for tangible items or physical services, but do not include computerized data delivered to a consumer via a computer terminal or in printed form. [CC § 1789.2(d)]

Statutory Requirements:

The act requires that providers of an electronic commercial service shall provide to consumers with whom they contract to provide service, at the time it contracts to provide service and annually on or before June 30 of each year thereafter, the following information:

a. The service's name, address, and telephone number. b. Any charges imposed for the use of the service. c. The complaint procedure consumers may follow in order to resolve a dispute or receive further information regarding the service. [CC § 1789.3]

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NFIC Web site provides articles, bulletins, tips, and other information consumers can use to avoid fraud, protect privacy, and navigate the Net safely. If consumers wish to report possible fraud, use the On-line Incident Report Form available on the Web site.

Department Publications available: E-Commerce Fact Sheet