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The Legislative Bill Room makes all legislative bills and many pamphlets, books, and other printed materials used by the Legislature available to legislators, their staff, the public, the media, and a variety of organizations and businesses.

The Office of State Printing, California Department of General Services, is responsible for publishing the materials available in the Bill Room. All bills, amendments, joint and concurrent resolutions must be printed and made available to the legislators and the general public as soon as they are introduced or amended.

Any member of the public may obtain individual copies of bills or resolutions at no charge. There is a charge for publications, subscriptions and multiple copies of bills, amendments, journals, and histories.

Various publications available from the Bill Room are as follows:

  • Bills and Amendments
  • Chaptered Bills
  • Enrolled Bills
  • Files
  • Histories
  • Index
  • Journals
  • Table of Sections

For copies of legislative bills contact:

Legislative Bill Room

State Capitol 10th Street, Room B32

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 445-2323

(916) 322-1257 Fax



Consumer MUST have the Bill number before contacting Bill Room. The Bill Room can only provide bills within 2 years from the current date.

If the bill is older than two years, a consumer can research legislative information at the State Law Library Reference Center at 914 Capitol Mall or call the office of the legislator who authored the bill.

Witkin State Law Library

900 N Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 323-9843

(916) 654-2039 Fax


Email: csllaw@library.ca.gov

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