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The California Commission on Judicial Performance is an independent state agency that handles complaints about California judges for judicial misconduct or wrongdoing. It also handles judicial disability matters.

The Commission can investigate and take disciplinary action, or in the most serious cases, recommend to the Supreme Court that it impose discipline. In order of increasing severity, the Commission may issue a confidential advisory letter, a private admonishment, or, if the judge consents, a public reprimand. If the Commission makes a recommendation to the Supreme Court, the Court then may impose public censure, removal, or involuntary retirement.

Complaint jurisdiction:

Commissioners, referees, rude, abusive, and otherwise improper treatment of parties, counsel, witnesses, jurors, court staff, and others, failing or refusing to dispose promptly of judicial business, improper or eccentric conduct while on the bench, such as sleeping or drunkenness, expressions of bias based on gender, ethnicity, allowing family, social, or political relationships to influence judicial decision-making, conflict of interest, giving or receiving gifts, bribes, loans, or favors, abusing the contempt power, interfering with the attorney-client relationship, communicating improperly with only one side to a proceeding, commenting on or interfering with a pending or impending lawsuit, engaging in improper political campaign activities, misappro-priating or misusing public property, funds, or resources, violating rules relating to court administration, filing a false document, or criminal conduct.

Complaints outside jurisdiction:

Judges pro tem, attorneys, directing judges to take legal action, reviewing a case for judicial error, mistake, or other legal grounds, and allegations stemming from a judge's rulings or exercise of discretion.

Commission on Judicial Performance
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 557-1200 (415) 557-1266

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