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The Farm and Home/Cooperative Extension Service offers a free advisory service available throughout the U.S. and links citizens to academic experts and researchers for advice and information. Extension Service staff will research and answer questions to provide information on gardening, landscaping, crafts, energy, home furnishings, house plants, money management, shopping and more. The Extension Service provides the latest research results to farmers, fishermen, and foresters. In addition, it administers community programs such as 4-H and distributes many "how-to" publications free.

University of California
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Cooperative Extension
(800) 752-0881
(530) 757-8777 (Davis, Dixon, Woodland)
(530) 757-8558 Fax

Cooperative Extension is the county-based educational and research branch of the University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources financed jointly by Federal, State, and County Governments. University of California advisors are housed in County Cooperative Extension offices throughout California. Information about County programs can be found in the County government section of local telephone books under “Cooperative Extension” or by using the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources online directory:

The Extension offers courses, workshops, seminars, institutes, and conferences in a variety of subjects:

Agriculture, Natural resources, Design and the arts, K-12 teacher education, Business and management, Computers and information systems, English as a second language, International technical training, Food science, Environmental hazard management, Human services, Land use planning, Law and paralegal studies, Public policy, Real estate and construction, Winemaking, and viticulture Engineering

University of California, Davis
Cooperative Extension Office
4145 Branch Center Road
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 875-6913

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