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851-Local City/County Agencies


Civil Code Sections 1812.50 - 1812.69

An owner of a dance studio must maintain a surety bond equal to a 25 percent of the dance studio's gross income from the studio business in California during the studio's last fiscal year; such bond must be for at least $25,000. [CC § 1812.64]

In addition, the owner is required to have a city or county business license.

The following statutory provisions govern the sale of dance lessons. The contractual requirements for these service contracts, as well as remedies for violation, are similar.

  • Written contract required. [CC § 1812.52]
  • Buyer must be given a copy of the contract at the time buyer signs it. [CC § 1812.52]
  • Buyers have a right to cancel anytime provided the buyer gives notice and a refund is given to the student based on a pro rata basis. [CC § 1812.54(b)]
  • Any contract for services which does not comply with the statutory requirements is void and unenforceable as contrary to public policy. [CC § 1812.59]
  • Waiver of statutory provisions void. [CC § 1812.61]
  • Contract must include clause for cancellation and refund upon buyer's death or disability. [CC § 1812.57]
  • Contract cannot require payments or financing by the buyer over a period in excess of one year nor can a contract term be measured by life of buyer. No lifetime contracts. Contract services may extend over a period not exceeding 7 years from date contract entered into. [CC § 1812.53]

There are no provisions for:

  • Disability cancellation fees,
  • Moves or transferability of membership,
  • Installment payments and financing.

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