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814-Other Federal Agencies


Vessel safety: (800) 368-5647 HOTLINE

Consumers wishing to complain about a safety-related matters they observed on a cruise ship should contact the Coast Guard Marine Inspection Office or Marine Safety Officer of the ship. The Coast Guard will make the appropriate referral.

Sanitary conditions:

Reports of unsanitary conditions on a cruise ship can be made to:

US Public Health Service

Chief of Sanitation Program

National Center for Environmental Health

1015 North American Way, Room 107

Miami, FL 33132-2017

Illegal dumping:

(800) 424-8802

Passengers on cruise ships who observe any dumping of plastic at sea should report it to the National Response Center or the nearest Coast Guard Captain of the port (use Coast Guard HOTLINE to find Captain of the port).

Cruise Cancellation and Financial Reimbursements:

The Federal Maritime Commission cannot order a cruise line to reimburse passengers for cruise cancellations or to pay claims for injuries or fatal accidents. However, to the extent they are able, Commission staff will try to assist individual consumers who are having trouble obtaining financial settlements in these areas. The consumer may have to initiate action on his or her own behalf against the cruise line.

Office of Informal Inquiries and Complaints

Federal Maritime Commission

800 North Capitol Street, North West

Washington, DC 20573

(202) 523-5807