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736-Public Utilities Commission


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) sets the rates and standards of safety and service for all privately owned utilities as well as freight and passenger carriers in the state. It has the authority from the State Constitution to carry out investigations and to conduct hearings on requests for rate changes, specific complaints, or broad policy matters. It regulates more than 58,000 transportation companies and 655 utilities.

Complaint jurisdiction: CPUC must approve rates charged by utility companies. CPUC's role is to protect the consumer where competition does not.

Regulation: includes railroads, bus firms, and marine vessels transporting passengers and/or freight within the state; gas, electric, water, steam, sewer, pipeline, cellular, and telephone companies (phone services, including public and privately owned pay phones) and telegraph companies; safety standards procedures for overhead power and communication lines, gas facilities, rapid transit systems, light rail transit systems, and common carrier railroads.

Complaints outside jurisdiction: Phone equipment complaints.

Consumer Affairs Branch

California Public Utilities Commission

505 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 703-1170

(800) 649-7570

(415) 703-1758 Fax

California Public Utilities Commission

320 West 4th, Suite500

Los Angeles,CA.90013

(800) 649-7570

(213) 576-7000


Universal Lifeline Telephone Service: Eligibility for program is based on household size and income. Qualified subscribers pay low flat rate for regular services.

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE): Consumers who qualify are given a 15% discount on their monthly gas and electric bill. Group homes, women's and homeless shelters, and certain agricultural worker housing can also qualify for the discount.


For general information on transportation matters: (800) 877-8867

To find out whether a trucking or moving company operating within California has the required CPUC permit, call (800) 894-9444.

Certain classifications of the trucking industry have been deregulated as to what transporters may charge. The CPUC has the authority to grant carriers the right to do business within the state of California (licensing/ permitting); however, safety issues should be referred to the California Highway Patrol's Commercial Vehicle Section.

California Highway Patrol

Commercial Vehicle Section

601 N 7th Street

Sacramento, CA 95811

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