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Bank on California is an informational program to educate consumers about opening and using bank accounts. Having a bank account is important and beneficial to a person's financial security and can save money over time.

Bank on California is made of many city and regional efforts comprised of Community Based Organizations (CBO), Financial Institutions (FI) and Government. Each region’s local personnel will be happy to discuss the reasons why you need an account, how to open an account, and what banks and credit unions are participating.

Please visit -
Or call (855) BankonCA (226-5662)

Bank on CA is primarily supported by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the following cities, counties and community based organizations:

United Way Fresno
Sevag Tateosian
(559) 243-3664

Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles
Abigail Marquez
(213) 744-9307

Operation Hope
Tyrone Cosey
(510) 434-5296

Orange County (formerly Santa Ana)
United Way
Natalie Bishop
(949) 263-6127

City of Sacramento
Tom Bennett
(916) 368-3050

San Francisco
City of San Francisco
Leigh Phillips
(415) 554-4320

San Jose
United Way Silicon Valley
Jim Dale
(408) 345-4347

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