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The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licenses automobile dismantlers under Chapter 3, Section 11500. Dismantlers must have a license, which contains a general distinguishing number to dismantle and an established place of business which meets the requirements set forth in Section 11514 of the Vehicle Code (for example, display of license and ownership information)


For vehicles reported as salvage, the DMV will issue a new title, registration, and license after the vehicle has complied with DMV inspector requirements. It cannot be registered without the prescribed bill of sale and appropriate application until the official lamp and brake adjustment certificates have been issued by an official lamp and brake adjusting station licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. A valid smog inspection must also be performed and a certificate issued.

For licensing of auto dismantlers:

DMV - Occupational Licensing Division
Firms Unit
PO Box 932342
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420
(916) 229-3126
(916) 229-4728 Fax

To register a previously salvaged vehicle, consumers must contact the DMV Registration Operations Office:

PO BOX 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420
(800) 777-0133

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