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(626) 575-6699 Fax
(626) 575-6699 Fax
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001-Auto Repair Program


The California State Air Resources Board (ARB) requires strict adherence to specific guidelines for manufacturer and consumer installation of aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts that passed the engineering evaluation by ARB are assigned an Executive Order number and registered with ARB.

Exempted Parts are add-ons or modified parts that have undergone an ARB engineering evaluation. If the parts or modification do not increase emissions, an Executive Order is granted allowing the modification. A number is assigned so it can be verified by any SMOG inspection station or by the ARB.

Replacement Parts are made by aftermarket parts manufacturers to replace original equipment on the vehicle. These parts are legal to use as long as the manufacturer has shown that the part is functionally identical to the one being replaced.

Off-Road or Racing Parts are modifications that increase vehicle emissions. These parts are illegal for street use and are identified by their manufacturer for off-road use only. To verify Executive Order numbers, questions about the replacement parts guidelines, to obtain a list of ARB Executive Order parts, or for information on the Executive Order certification process for aftermarket parts manufacturers, consumers can call ARB.

Air Resources Board

1001 I Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

P.O. Box 2815

Sacramento, CA 95812

(916) 322-2990 Public Information Office (Media Inquiries)

(800) 242-4450

(916) 445-5025 Fax



El Monte Public Information

(626) 575-6699 Fax