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Email: 311@cityofsacramento.org
Email: 311@cityofsacramento.org
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851-Local City County Agencies


Adult entertainment business, adult bookstores, theaters, arcades, hotels/motels, cabarets and massage parlors are regulated and licensed by city and county planning and zoning commissions.

Complaints about prostitution or vice should be made to the local police department.

For Sacramento County:

Planning & Environmental Division the Community Development Deptartment

827 7th Street, Room 230

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 874-6141

(916) 874-6221 (general information)

(916) 874-6400 Fax

Website: www.development.saccounty.net


Sacramento City Hall

915 I Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 264-5011

Call 311 for information in City limits.

Call 916.264.5011 outside the City.

Website: http://portal.cityofsacramento.org/

Email: 311@cityofsacramento.org