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The California Department of Water Resources protects, conserves, develops, and manages California's water resources. The department collects data on water supplies and water demands to develop plans to help meet the state's water needs. Operating and maintaining the State Water Project is also a departmental responsibility.

The department is mandated to consider all water management alternatives from a balanced statewide, regional, and local perspective and to operate a statewide flood forecasting, warning, and monitoring system to provide flood control workers in emergencies. And finally, it monitors the construction of dams and supervises the safety of the construction and operation of dams.

Department of Water Resources

Office of Water Quality

3500 Industrial Blvd.

West Sacramento, CA 95691

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, CA 94236-0001

(916) 651-9683


Flood Operations Center:

(800) 952-5530

Complaints outside jurisdiction:

Constructing, altering, removing, maintaining, or operating any dam or reservoir without written approval from the department. Conducting weather modifications without providing notice of intention to do without providing notice of intention to do so with the affected counties of the department. Digging or drilling a water well, and deepening, abandoning, or destroying any well without filing a water well driller's report with the department.

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