Veterinary Medical Board and Registered Veterinary Technician Committee

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677-Veterinary Medical Board Reg Vet Tech Exam


The Veterinary Medical Board examines, licenses, and regulates those practicing veterinary medicine in California. It also registers all veterinary hospital premises.

The Veterinary Medical Board examines, certifies, and regulates registered veterinary technicians and unregistered assistants. The committee also assists in approving registered veterinary technician training facilities.

Complaint jurisdiction: Fraud, deceit, negligence, or incompetence; abuse of alcohol or drugs; unprofessional conduct; unlicensed activity; false or misleading advertising; unsanitary or unsafe conditions at veterinary hospitals.

Complaints outside jurisdiction: Fee disputes; kennels, pet stores, and dog groomers.

Department of Consumer Affairs

Veterinary Medical Board

1747 North Market Blvd. Suite 230

Sacramento, CA 95834-2987

(916) 515-5220 Main Phone

(916) 928-6849 Licensing Fax

(916) 916-6852 Enforcement Fax


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