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The California State Library offers a great variety of resources to consumers through its services which vary from offering newspapers from every California county and major US city to providing novels, mysteries and how-to-books in over 100 languages.

Consumers who need information on legislative bills older than 2 years from the current date (are no longer housed in the Legislative Bill Room at the State Capitol) may contact the Law Library for this information. The Law Library Reference Center is located within the State Library.

Library and Courts Building

900 N. Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 654-0185 Law Library Reference

(916) 654-0069 Patent/Trademark Library

California State Library:

State Information and Reference Center

(916) 654-0261

Circulation Section

(916) 654-0206

California History Room

(916) 654-0176

Braille and Talking Book Library

(916) 654-0640

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