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DCA Reference Guide

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To Request Publications listed below; visit, write, or call DCA:

Department of Consumer Affairs

Consumer Information Center

1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N-112

Sacramento, CA 95834


Board of Barbering & Cosmetology (BBC)

Publication #---Publication Name

301---Complaint Form

304---Mobile Unit Application

306---Application and Instructions for Re-Examination [Practical & Written]

307---Informational Packet Regarding Apprenticeship

308---Certification Request Form

309---Change of Address Form

311---Establishment Application

312---Personal License Renewal

313---Change of Name Form

314---Establishment Name Change Form

315---Request for Replacement License

320---Interpreter/Model Application [Form G & H]

321---Establishment or Mobile Unit License Renewal

323---Application for Cosmetologist Examination

324---Application for Barber Exam

325---Application for Electrologist Exam

326---Application for Manicurist Exam

327---Application for Esthetician Exam

331---Application for Reciprocity and Initial License Fee

Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)

Publication #---Publication Name

100---Complaint Form Packet [General Repairs - Spanish]

101---Complaint Form Packet [General Repairs]

103---Application for ARD Registration

104---Application for ARD Registration - LLC Only

105---Application for Lamp and Brake Station License

106---Lamp and Brake Mechanic's Application [Packet]

107---Change of Name/Address/Corporate Officers or Directors

108---Declaration & Request for Replacement License

118---Top 5 Reasons to Read Your Owner's Manual

120---A Consumer's Guide to Automotive Repair in CA

121---Star Station Certificate Application

122---Smog Check Technician Duplicate Wall License/Replacement Badge

131---Some Things You Need to Know About Smog Check in California

133---Automotive Repair Information/Request Order Form

135---CAP Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

137---Consumer Assistance Program Application [Packet]

140---CAP Frequently Asked Questions (English)

142---BAR Auto Body Inspection Program (Pamphlet)

144---Application for Smog Check Station License [Packet]

146---Smog Check Technician License Application [Packet]

148---Summer Driving Tips [Pamphlet]

151---Winter Driving Tips [Pamphlet]

153---Write It Right – Auto Repair [Brochure]

155---BAR Auto Body Inspection Program (Spanish Pamphlet) - Inspeccion De La Carroceria

156---Consumer Assistance Program Application [Spanish Packet]

161---Consumer's Guide to Auto Repair [Spanish - Brochure]

162---Dismantler List

Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair

Publication #---Publication Name

401---Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair Complaint Form(BEAR)[Packet]

402---BEAR Licensing Application

403---Change of Address Form

405---Laws & Regulations

406---Service Contracts - Fact Sheet

408---SubContractors - Fact Sheet

409---Service Contract Sellers/Administrators Application

Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation

Publication #---Publication Name

451---Bureau of Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation Complaint Form(BHFTI)[Packet]

452---BHFTI Licensing Application

453---Change of Address Form

454---Application for Importer License

456---Rules & Regulations

Bureau of Security And Investigative Services (BSIS)

Publication #---Publication Name

500---Alarm Company [Fact Sheet]

501---Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Complaint Forms(BSIS)[Packets]

502---Change of Address Form - Personal

504---Firearms Requirements - Fact Sheet

506---Firearm/Baton Training Facility/Instructor's Certification Application

507---Locksmith - Fact Sheet

508---Private Patrol Operator License Application [Application for PI, ACO, LOCKSMITH, PPO, RA]

509---Private Investigator - Fact Sheet

510---Private Patrol Operator - Fact Sheet

512---Repossession Agency - Fact Sheet

513---Proprietary Private Security Employer (Fact Sheet)

514---Request for Replacement License Form

515---Security Guard - Fact Sheet

518---Notification of Personal Name Change and Application for Duplicate License

519---Request for Company Name Change Private Patrol Operator

520---Request for Company Name Change Training Facility Firearm

521---Request for Company Name Change Training Facility Baton

522---Request for Company Name Change Private Investigator

526---Proprietary Private Security Employer Application

527---Repossession Agency License Application

528---Private Investigator License Application

529---Alarm Company License Application

530---Locksmith Company License Application

531---Fingerprint Card

533---Security Guard Renewal Application

534---Change of Address Form - Company

535---Repossession Agency Employee Registration Renewal Application

536---Proprietary Private Security Employer Registration Renewal Application

537---Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration Renewal Application

538---Locksmith Employee Registration Renewal Application

539---Alarm Agent Registration Renewal Application

Cemetery & Funeral Bureau (CFB)

Publication #---Publication Name

601---Cemetery Funeral Bureau Complaint Form(CFB)

627---Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases [Spanish - Brochure]

628---Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases [Brochure]


Publication #---Publication Name

901---Complaint Form [General]

903---Public Comments, Complaints, Suggestions – Boards, Bureaus, or Divisions

904---Odometer Fraud

906---Lemon-Aid for New Car Buyers [Brochure]

912---Lemon-Aid for New Car Buyers [Brochure - Spanish]

914---Consumer Information Center Pamphlet

922---Professional Therapy Never Includes Sex

930---What You Should Know Before Hiring a Professional Fiduciary

931---Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Complaint Form

932---Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Licensing Application packet

939---Consumer Self-Help: Tips and Resources to Resolve Consumer Complaints

940---Consumer Self-Help: Tips and Resources to Resolve Consumer Complaints [Spanish]

949---Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

950---Scambuster Kit

951---Consumer Motor Vehicle Recovery Corporation(Claim Form) English

952---La Corparacion de Recupercion por Vehiculos de Motorzados para Consumidores (Formulario de Reclamo) (Spanish)

955---Scam-buster Kit (CD)

997---Department of Consumer Affairs-What We Do and How We Do It (Spanish)

998---What We Do and How We Do It (English)

999---CA Publications Catalog – Miscellaneous


Publication #---Publication Name

100---Oficina De Reparaciones Automotirices Formulario De Reclamacion (Complaint Form Packet [General Repairs - Spanish]

135---Programa De Asistencia Al Consumidor Preguntas Frecuentes (CAP Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

156---Programa de Asistencia al Consumidor (Consumer Assistance Program)

161---Guia Del Consumidor Para Reparaciones Automotrices (Consumer's Guide to Auto Repair)

627---Guia del Consumidor para las compras en Asuntos Funerarios y de Cementerio (Consumer Guide to Funeral & Cemetery Purchases)

900---Formulario de Queja (Spanish Complaint Form)

912---Ayuda Para Compradores De Vehiculos Nuevos (Lemon Aid for New Car Buyers)

928---Centro de Informacion para el Consumidor [Consumer Information Center (Pamphlet)]

940---Auto-Ayuda Para El Consumidor, Consejos Y Recursos de Resolver Quejas del Consumidor [Consumer Self-Help: Tips and Resources to Resolve Consumer Complaints Brochure]

952---La Corparacion de Recupercion por Vehiculos de Motorzados para Consumidores (Formulario de Reclamo) (Spanish)