Pension Plans and Pension Welfare Benefits

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814-Other Federal Agencies


The US Department of Labor Administers (ERISA), the federal law that applies to employee benefit plans such as 401 (K), Cobra, and health benefit plans.

Government employees (federal, state, and local) and church or church association employee's benefit plans are not under the U.S. Department of Labor. Complaints about government or church plans should be directed to the administrator of the plan or the employer.

Federal law requires that employers with 20 or more employees provide employees and covered family members with the opportunity to continue health care coverage at a group rate when employment is discontinued or a qualifying event (divorce, death of a spouse, or child loses dependent status) occurs.

US Department of Labor

Employee Benefits Security Administration

Secretary of Labor

200 Constitution Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20210

(202) 693-6000

The Division of Technical Services and Inquires assists in searching and retrieving forms (Form 5500, Summary Plans, and Description of employee benefit plans)

Consumers can file complaints with the Employee Benefits Security Administration on possible misuse of contributions and inability to receive payment from pension plans.

Consumers can obtain information on disability plans and employee welfare benefit plans (which include severance pay, day-care, pre-paid legal services and scholarships) from the Employee Benefits Security Administration.