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Accountancy (California Board of)

ATM Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

Bank Complaints/Information (State, Federal, National)

Bankruptcy (Court)

Better Business Bureau

Billing Errors

Bonds (Surety)

Brokers (Financial)

Check (Cashing Services)

Check Fraud

Check Payments

Checks (Bad)

Checks (Privacy Rights)

Checks Systems For Merchants (SCAN)

Checks Systems For Financial Institutions (CHEX)

Collecting On a Judgment (Small Claims Court and Court Judgement)

Collection Agency Records and the Department of Consumer Affairs

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Consumer Price Index

Consumer Transactions With Statutory Contract Cancellation Rights


Contracts (Spanish-Language)

Consumer Transactions With Statutory Contract Cancellation Rights

Credit (California Immigrants)

Credit Card (Billing Errors)

Credit Card / Transaction Privacy AB 2920 (Areias)

Credit Cards (Regulation)

Credit Counseling Service

Credit Repair Services

Credit Reports

Currency Exchange

Debt Counselors (Pro-raters)

Dental Billing

Door-To-Door Sales/Solicitors

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Federal Reserve System

Finance Charges

Financial Services Complaints

Franchise Tax Board

Franchises/Business Opportunities



Gift Certificates


Gross Domestic/National Product

Home Loan Information

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Interest Charges

Interest Rates (Contracts)

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Item Pricing Exemptions

Item Pricing/Item Pricing Accuracy

Lay-Away Policy

Living Trusts


Loans (Student)

Money Orders

National Banks (Regional Administration of)


Pension Plans and Pension Welfare Benefits

Price Fixing

Pyramid Schemes

Raffle Tickets/Lotteries

Rain Checks

Refund Policies


Reserve System (Federal)

Return Policy

Sales Tax (Delivery/Shipping Charges)

Sales Tax (Variation By County)

Savings and Loan Institutions

SCAN (Checks Systems for Merchants)

Scanners/Grocery Checkout

School Lunch Program

Shipping or Delivery Tax Charges


Social Security

Taxes (Federal Income)

Telephone Credit Cards (Pre-Paid)

Telephone Purchase/Rates

Television, Sales and Cable TV (Billing)

Timeshare Plans

Transmitting Currency

Treasury Bonds




Wiring/Transmitting Money

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