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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) and Office of the State Fire Marshal establishes minimum fire safety standards for buildings. The department's Board of Fire Services develops standards for fire department personnel, fire-fighting techniques and equipment, and recommends curricula for training courses in fire science. It also researches, reviews, and prepares new safety standards and technologies for public fire safety.

Complaint Jurisdiction:

Sale, use, and quality of fireworks; sale and service of portable fire extinguishers; certification of flame resistant decorative fabric, spray-on "snow" used on Christmas trees, sale of non approved or defective smoke detectors or fire alarm systems.

Complaints Outside Jurisdiction:

Local police and fire departments; fire prevention programs of local fire districts; accumulation of grass and weeds; problems occurring in water- shed areas covered by grass, forest, or brush.

Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Office of the State Fire Marshall Headquarters

2251 Harvard Street, Suite 400

Sacramento, CA 95815

Mailing address:

PO Box 944246

Sacramento, CA 94244-2460

Office of the State Fire Marshal Facilities Directory:

California Incident Reporting Systems (CFIRS)

(916) 445-8459 Fax

Pipeline Safety:

(916) 445-8526 Fax

Flame Retardant Fabrics & Chemicals:

(916) 445-8376