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735-Other State Agencies, 814-Other Federal Agencies


The following information is accurate in general, although every city and county government office will differ somewhat in structure and function.



  • To provide local services, including libraries, parks, land use planning and zoning, sewers, building inspection, fire and police protection, business licenses, garbage disposal, and weed abatement.
  • The city council determines the city's budget and may establish local laws.
  • City council meetings are open to the public, and hearings may be held on matters relating to any city service.

To Contact:

  • The city clerk can provide information on the city council, when it meets, and how they can be contacted.


Elected county officials may include the board of supervisors, sheriff, district attorney, county clerk, tax assessor, and tax collector. If these positions are not elected in your area, they are appointed by the board of supervisors.


  • To provide services such as those listed under city officials to all areas of the county which are not incorporated cities.
  • These officials also provide health and social services, county jails, property tax assessment and collection, and supervision of local elections.


Assembly members and state senators are responsible for state laws, the state budget, and many government services and programs.

To contact:

  • Legislators maintain a local district office and an office in Sacramento. Consumers can write to legislators at the Capitol:

The Honorable (name)

California State Assembly

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814



Members of the House of Representatives and US Senate are responsible for federal laws, the national budget, and many governmental services and programs.

To Contact:

  • Representatives and senators maintain district offices as well as offices in Washington, DC. Consumers can write their representatives at the offices in the Capitol:

The Honorable (name)

Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510