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709-Controllers Office


The California State Controller's primary function is to provide sound fiscal control over both receipts and disbursements of public funds; to report periodically on the financial operations and condition of both state and local government; to make certain that money due the state is collected through fair, equitable and effective tax administration; to provide fiscal guidance to local governments; and to administer the Unclaimed Property and Property Tax Postponement Programs.


Account for and control disbursement of all state funds. Determine legality and accuracy of every claim against the State. Issue warrants in payment of the State's bills including lottery prizes. Administer the Uniform State Payroll System. Audit and process all personnel and payroll transactions for state civil service; exempt employees; state university and college system employees. Responsible for auditing various state and local government programs. Inform the public of the State's financial condition. Administer Estate, Inheritance and Gift Taxes. Administer tax-defaulted land. Administer the Unclaimed Property Law. Enforce collection of delinquent gas tax, truck tax, and insurance tax. Inform the public of financial transactions of city, county and district governments. Administer Property Tax Postponement Program.

State Controller

General Administration and Executive Offices

300 Capitol Mall, Suite 1850

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 445-2636

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State Controller

Bureau of Unclaimed Property

3301 C Street, Suite 712

Sacramento, CA 95816

Mailing Address:

PO Box 942850

Sacramento, CA 94250-5873

(800) 992-4647

(916) 323-2827

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