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The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (Civil Code Sections 1790-1796.5) provides Consumer Warranty Protection. Specifically, Civil Code (1791.)(s) addresses the repair of home computers as follows:

"Home electronic product" means any television, radio, antenna rotator, audio or video recorder or playback equipment, video camera, video game, video monitor, computer equipment, telephone, telecommunications equipment, electronic alarm system, electronic appliance control system, or other kind of electronic product, if it is normally used or sold [for personal, family, or household purposes]. The term includes any electronic accessory that is normally used or sold with a home electronic product for one of those purposes. The term excludes any single product with a wholesale price to the retail seller of less than fifty dollars ($50).

Department of Consumer Affairs

Bureau of Home Goods and Servies (BGHS)


Publications available: Department of Consumer Affairs, Guide to Electronic Appliance Repair, Electronic and Appliance Repair, and A Small Claims Court