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814-Other Federal Agencies


Rates for cable television are not controlled by any local or state agency. The Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (Title 47, Section 543) prohibits state and local governments from regulating cable television rates, except in limited broadcast areas such as rural or mountain locations.

Federal Communications Commission

Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau

Consumer Complaints

445 - 12th Street SW

Washington, DC 20554

Phone Toll Free: (888) 225-5322

TTY: (888) 835-5322

ASL Videophone: (844) 432-2275

Fax: (866) 418-0232


File Complaint:

Refer to the cable company or local franchising authority for complaints on service or billing.

Refer to the local District Attorney's office for complaints of fraud or false advertising.

Refer to cable company or local franchising authority for signal quality complaints.