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007-Arbitration Certification Program, 735-Other State Agencies


The California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires automobile manufacturers and other warrantors to maintain service and repair facilities sufficient to carry out the terms of their new car warranties. The warranty itself must clearly describe what is covered; it must state what the warrantor will do in the event of a defect, malfunction, or failure to conform with the warranty; and it must include a step-by-step explanation of the procedures the consumer should follow to obtain performance of any warranty obligation. These requirements are part of both federal and California law.

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Arbitration Certification Program (ACP)certifies and monitors third party arbitration programs of participating automobile manufacturers to ensure compliance with California laws and regulations for new vehicle warranties and manufacturer-sponsored arbitration programs. One of the program's goals is to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution in lieu of court action and reduce the strain and cost on consumers and the court system.

Arbitration Certification Program

1625 N. Market Blvd. Suite N112

Sacramento, CA 95834

(916) 574-7350

(916) 574-7363 Fax

The DMV's Investigations Unit Investigates allegations of fraud in the sales of vehicles.

DMV - Investigations Unit

The New Motor Vehicle Board processes complaints regarding manufacturers or dealers who fail to honor warranties or service contracts and will investigate fraud and give advice about asserting Lemon Law rights.

New Motor Vehicle Board

1507 21st Street, Suite 330

Sacramento, CA 95814-5297

(916) 445-1888

(916) 323-1631 Fax

(916) 323-1632 Fax

The Office of the Attorney General will investigate fraud or questionable conduct.

Office of the Attorney General

Public Inquiry Unit

1300 I Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

(800) 952-5225 (Northern California)

(916) 323-5341 Fax

(800) 593-8222 (Southern California)

(213) 897-2000 (L.A. office)

The California State Bar provides referral services specifically for Lemon Law and warranty disputes.

State Bar of California

(415) 538-2000

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gathers and distributes information on safety recalls. They also gather statistics and reports on trends to find out if similar problems reported indicate a pattern of problems with model of vehicle.


Center for Auto Safety

1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite330

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 328-7700

400 7th Street, SW

Washington, DC 20590

(800) 424-9393 (Hotline)

Autofax can provide information on problems inherent to a vehicle. Two types of reports available ($20 each) which include summaries of recalls, manufacturer service bulletins, summaries of consumer complaints directed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


316 Lugonia Street

Newport Beach, CA 92663

(800) 777-4481

(714) 631-7869 Fax

Publications Available: Arbitration Certification Program, A Guide for the Used Car Buyer, and Lemon Aid for New Car Buyers.

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