ATM Electronic Funds Transfer Fees

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735-Other State Agencies


15 USC 1693 et. seq. - Federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act

Automated Teller Machine regulations are based upon the Federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act and Federal Reserve Regulations. These laws are normally referred to as the "Consumer Bill of Rights." These statutes and regulations delineate the rights and obligations of both consumer and financial institution Electronic Funds Transfers. No state or federal laws dictate fee rates, so individual banks determine fees for ATM use.

When a consumer uses an ATM at a supermarket, restaurant, etc., the merchant can determine the charge deemed necessary for ATM access. It does not matter whether it is for cash or whether a purchase was made. Consumers are encouraged to shop for the best rates.

Consumers should contact the bank, credit union, etc. which issued the card for complaints or problems.

Complaints against a bank or credit union can be filled with the California Department of Business Oversight:


Call Center: (866) 275-2677

(916) 327-7585