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<p>[[File:Whitebox.jpg|735-Other State Agencies|link=_Hint]]</p>
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'''<font color="#4AA02C">California Department of Veterans Affairs</font color="#4AA02C">'''<br>
'''<font color="#4AA02C">California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA)</font color="#4AA02C">'''<br>
1227 O Street<br>  
1227 O Street<br>  
Sacramento, CA 95814<br>  
Sacramento, CA 95814<br>  

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735-Other State Agencies


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California Department of Veterans Affairs (CDVA)
1227 O Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-2573
(800) 952-5626
(800) 324-5966 TDD
(800) 221-8998 Outside California

CDVA's office locations and contact information - CDVA's Contact info

There is also an on-line Resource Directory that offers information on benefits and services available to California Veterans. For questions about benefits or to order a California Veteran's Resorse Book, please call the Resource Management Branch at (877) 741-8532.

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