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U/L (Underwriters'Laboratories, Inc.)

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U/L (Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.)

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Underwriters Laboratories, Inc conducts tests for safety and classification on wiring,electrical appliances, classified building materials (blown-in insulation, plywood, etc.) and provides a U/L seal which guarantees the safety of that product. Complaints about the safety of a product with a U/L seal should go first to the manufacturer of the product and then to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Laboratory and Testing Facility
1655 Scott Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95050-4169
(408) 985-2400
(408) 296-3256 Fax

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Corporate HQ
333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062-2096
(847) 272-8800
(847) 272-8129 Fax

Customer Service:
(877) ULHELPS (854-3577)

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