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The California Department of Consumer Affairs, Structural Pest Control Board examines licenses and regulates those practicing structural pest control. Structural pest control inspection reports are filed with the board and are available to the public for a two-year period. The board also adopts regulations to prevent pesticide misuse.

Complaint jurisdiction:

Acting in an unprofessional manner; fraud or misrepresentation; violation of fumigation or pesticide laws; negligent use of pesticides; failure to complete a contract for pest control work; preparation of inspection reports without making an actual inspection; departing from plans and specifications; violating building, safety, labor, health, or compensation insurance laws relating to the practice of pest control; paying or offering commissions, rebates, etc., to any party in a real estate transaction as compensation or inducement for the referral of pest control work.

Complaints Outside Jurisdiction:

Fee or billing disputes; agricultural pest control (anything outside a structure); complaints filed more than two years after the occurrence of the problem.

Department of Consumer Affairs
Structural Pest Control Board
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1500
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 561-8704 (Licensing)
(916) 561-8708 (Enforcement and Complaints)

There are no other offices for the Board. The Los Angeles and San Francisco offices are now closed.

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