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See also:<br>  
See also:<br>  
[[Abuse (Adult/Child)|Abuse (Adult/Child)]]<br>
[[Aging (California Department of)|Aging (California Department of)]]<br>
[[Aging (California Department of)|Aging (California Department of)]]<br>
[[Convalescent Homes|Convalescent Homes]]<br>
[[Convalescent Homes/Nursing Homes|Convalescent Homes/Nursing Homes]]<br>
[[Fiduciary/Probate Examiners|Fiduciary/Probate Examiners]]<br>
[[Fiduciary/Probate Examiners|Fiduciary/Probate Examiners]]<br>
[[Health Services (California Department of)|Health Services (California Department of)]]
[[Health Services (California Department of)|Health Services (California Department of)]]

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Information for senior citizens is available through numerous agencies and entities and is not restricted to the following listings:

A comprehensive system of social services, nutrition, home delivered meals, legal services, and other health and rehabilitation services:

California Department of Aging
1300 National Drive Ste 200
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 419-7500

Senior citizens may get information about subsidized housing, Medicare, medical treatment, transportation, legal aid, and senior citizen activities.

Community Information Center, Senior Citizen Referral Service
452 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 498-1000

Senior LEGAL HOTLINE - (916) 551-2140
Adult and Senior Services (county) - (916) 874-9377
Sacramento Community Service Planning Council - (916) 447-7063
Legal Center for the Elderly and Disabled - (916) 446-4851
Sacramento County Legal Services - (916) 739-7161
McGeorge Law School Tenant - (916) 444-0178
Fair Housing Commission Tenant Assistance HOTLINE - (916) 322-5630
Commission on Aging Paratransit - (916) 429-2744

See also:
Abuse (Adult/Child)
Aging (California Department of)
Convalescent Homes/Nursing Homes
Fiduciary/Probate Examiners
Health Services (California Department of)

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