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Recreational Vehicle (RV)

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1800 3rd Street<br>  
1800 3rd Street<br>  
Sacramento, CA 95811<br>  
Sacramento, CA 95811<br>  
(800) 952-5275<br>  
(800) 952-5275 Mobile Home Ombudsman<br>  
(916) 445-4782<br>
(916) 445-4782<br>
[ '''''']<br>
[ '''''']<br>

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A recreational vehicle (RV) is a camping trailer, motor home, or travel trailer which measures under 8' X 40'. If the recreational vehicle exceeds 8' X 40', it is then classified as a manufactured housing unit, also known as a mobile home.

Department of Motor Vehicles
All DMV field offices now have an investigations unit. (800) 777-0133

Problems with construction of the RV other than the engine or recreational vehicle living quarters. Complaint jurisdiction with recreational vehicle components not common with an automobile.

Department of Housing and Community Development
1800 3rd Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
(800) 952-5275 Mobile Home Ombudsman
(916) 445-4782

Consumers should contact the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair, Consumer Information Center for issues regarding recreational vehicle engine repairs and complaints with recreational vehicle components that are common with an automobiles.

Bureau of Automotive Repair, Consumer Information Center
(800) 952-5210 CA residents only
(916) 445-1254 Sacramento/out-of-state
(916) 322-1700 Sacramento hearing impaired only
(800) 326-2297 Hearing impaired only

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